Get to know the new procedure in the fertility block that's making headlines.

A case for making time.

Your time should be cherished in more ways than in some clinic. That’s why ExEm Foam Kit reduces your time visiting and more time doing things.


Ease of body and mind.

Eliminating evasive procedures and harmful chemicals is what we set out to do. That way we can assure our patients that they’re in good hands.


Adding convenience.

Convenience is a determining factor in the making of  ExEm Foam Kit from the very start. So we made it easy for specialist to do their best work.


Gaining more for value.

ExEm Foam Kit is developed with today’s technology and market demand in giving the best balance for value and satisfied results.


What is ExEm Foam Kit?

ExEm Foam Kit is basically a tool developed in Holland for OB-GYN & Fertility Specialist use to assess Fallopian Tube passageway for the Sperm to pass through for the conception with the Ovum.

A 2018 study has found that the fertility rate of Malaysian couples have dropped to its lowest recorded in history ever since Malaysia’s first formation in 1963.  It’s not a new phenomenon that the chances of newly-weds or long time married couples (one or both spouse) to be infertile whether it be from lifestyle change, genetics, habits or surrounding environment has made it unbeknownst to people of how it affects their reproductive system.

It’s no longer a matter of necessity for couples to go and get themselves check. It’s a MUST because they not only save precious time but also the notion of being infertile or not.

It’s been tested and evaluated in more than 400,000 procedures worldwide and leading the change in assessing fertility for the new era of doctors out there.


Do more with what you have.
Make better with what we have.

If you’re a specialist or registrar that owns a clinic with an ultrasound (transvaginal probe) and have a keen sense of learning. We’re here to assist you in teaching you the ropes to doing and also do a live demonstration for you.

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Make for more reason to be positive about.

With ExEm Foam Kit, we made it possible to resolve many obstacles the infertility segment garnered in the form of stigmas developed over the years. 

Discover what makes ExEm Foam Kit the next step of making tubal patency better for you & everyone you love.

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An ExEmplary Team

Meet our dedicated team in pioneering ExEm Foam Kit here in Malaysia.

Nicholas Chia

Marketing Director

Dr. Muhammad Al-Afiq Bin Md. Nor

Product Specialist

Dr. Sukhilmi Bin Othman

Consultant OB-GYN

Dr. Ezra Sophia Binti Mohd Yusuf

Senior Registrar OB-GYN

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